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Otto-Bauer-Gasse 5/14
1060 Vienna

SYNYO GmbH, a leading SME based in Vienna, Austria, is an independent research, innovation and technology hub that explores, develops and implements novel technologies to tackle business and societal challenges. SYNYO analyses the impact of emerging technologies on business and consumers, and provides clients with novel insights on innovations affecting their investments and businesses. Understanding social, economic and political dynamics within society are indispensable prerequisites for identifying future technological demands. As such, the interdisciplinary team at SYNYO consists of highly motivated employees specialized in various social and technical fields, including research studies, requirements analyses, application design, software engineering, data analytics, and information visualisation. This technical expertise is applied to tackle contemporary challenges in various disciplines such as big/open data research, digital futures, e-health, citizen inclusion, and smart technologies. The research processes and proprietary methodologies are designed to convert complex information into clear and precise insights for developing constructive actions.

Beyond its research expertise, SYNYO appoints a selective development team to carry out ICT related innovation from analyses to deployment. Key attributes for SYNYO include collaborative systems operated by large end-users groups, creating modern graphical interfaces to transmit a bigger visual human perception, as well as keeping security and lean management as a baseline for successful solutions. Furthermore, SYNYO has access to a vast network of technology providers, industry leaders, academic institutions, government organisations, and city networks.