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Anti-Doping Research Grants


Anti-Doping Research Grants

Deadline: November 07, 2017

The Partnership for Clean Competition funds scientific research that advances knowledge within the anti-doping sphere.

Research priorities include:

  •     Developing methods of cost-effective testing to detect and deter the use of banned and illegal substances.
  •     Developing testing protocols to detect designer substances used for doping purposes.
  •     Improving existing analytical methods to detect particular drugs, ex. GH, IGF-1, EPO, hCG.
  •     Developing analytical methods to detect performance enhancing drugs not currently detectable.
  •     Longitudinal urinary excretion patterns, metabolism and dose-concentration.
  •     Critical reviews to support interpretation of laboratory data.
  •     Alternative specimens, (ex. oral fluid, dried blood/plasma spots) for testing

The Partnership for Clean Competition offers three grant cycles a year. The PCC also offers micro-grants, accepted year round for projects requiring less than $75,000 and six months to complete, and Fellowships for young scientists interested in beginning a career in anti-doping.